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„The most important thing about HPLC is the column“

BISCHOFF Chromatography was founded in 1980 by Klaus Bischoff as a service company for the refill service of used HPLC columns. The longstanding activity of K. Bischoff at a well-known HPLC manufacturer, his daily work in the areas of development, application, quality control, sales and intensive contacts with well-known professors at universities in Germany and abroad have shaped the company philosophy since 1980. Our goal is to deliver application and user-oriented products of the highest quality and durability, which, using the latest technology, lead to cost-effective problem solutions with reliable results. In addition, as an innovative high-tech company, we feel obliged to save resources, improve environmental protection and drastically reduce environmental pollution by optimizing the separation process while at the same time miniaturizing the instruments. This is one of the reasons why the worldwide unique offer for refilling HPLC columns was accepted very quickly by users.

Since each packaging material manufacturer also uses its own column hardware, the universal HYPERCHROME column system was developed as early as 1981. This unique system offers the possibility to use the column both as a cartridge column and as a conventional separation column. Almost all packing materials available on the market from the most diverse manufacturers are offered in consistent hardware. Within a very short time, BISCHOFF Chromatography advanced to become one of the leading column manufacturers in Germany and Europe due to its reliability in technology, quality and performance.

In addition to instrument development and continuous improvement of the applied HPLC methods, BISCHOFF Chromatography has always developed new stationary separation phases, mostly in cooperation with universities, or converted already developed phases to a marketable end product. Intensive research and many years of experience with silica gels available on the market have led us to our new ultra-pure silica gel ProntoSIL, on the basis of which we produce stationary phases of the highest quality. These phases are processed with the proven packing technology to high-performance columns that set new standards in the world of HPLC

On behalf of all employees of BISCHOFF Chromatography I would like to assure you of the following:

It is our goal to provide the best high performance columns to HPLC users all over the world. We measure the quality of our service not only on the product itself, but also in our technical consulting and "after-sales" service. It is extremely important to us to fully satisfy the customer's request and furthermore to make an important contribution to the future of "Life Sciences" and all other chemical industries.

Oliver Bischoff
CEO & Owner

Timeline of our family business

Foundation of the company

BISCHOFF Analysentechnik u. -geräte GmbH starts out of private basement rooms. Klaus-Dieter Bischoff promotes his idea of a refill service for HPLC separation columns at Analytica in Munich, where he is inundated by customers with columns for refilling. His wife Ursula takes over the bookkeeping and is thus decisive for the financial foundation of the newly founded company.

Development of own column hardware

The so-called HYPERCHROME hardware, which is still in use today, is developed with the aim to make column hardware more universal and to be able to use it for both columns and cartridges.

Construction of the company building

In order to create space for growth, a new company building is being constructed in Böblinger Straße which, in addition to office and logistics space, will be equipped with specially equipped laboratory and production space, sufficient storage capacity and a large training room.

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About us